Heartlands Baby Sanctuary

- A bright future

Sustainability Projects

These projects were developed and implemented in order to generate income to work towards becoming more self-sustainable. These are currently contributing 26% to our annual budget.

The projects consist of a The Chic Boutique, Coffee shop, Bookshop and The Seeds of Hope Organic Food Garden.

Chic Boutique 1

The Chic Boutique

Come and visit our Chic Boutique where you will be spoilt for choice with immaculate 2nd-hand clothing ranging from babies to adults. In addition, you will find toys, puzzles and soft toys. Our homeware section always has something interesting and the baby chairs, cots and other items are just waiting for you! 

The Coffee Shop

Come and relax in our recently revamped coffee shop where you will find fresh and wholesome cakes, quiches and a wide variety of lunch menu items at fantastic prices. We also host baby showers, small functions and other events.

Coffee Shop Plant 2

The Book Shop

We have a wide range of good quality second-hand children’s and adults fiction and non-fiction books.

The Seeds of Hope Organic Food Garden

The Seeds of Hope Garden was born out of the need to increase our sustainability income. This is a project that has been implemented and managed by entirely by volunteers from a local company, Agrimotion. Since inception, their constant care and support has seen this garden produce significant organic plants and vegetables, so much so that the pilot project will now be extended 6-fold with the view to supplying restaurants and the community as another form of income.

Bruno and Silvester
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Our Future Plans

In very exciting developments, we are extending our The Seeds of Hope Organic Food Garden 6 x fold, which means it will now be over 3000 sqm. This will have hydro- and aquaponics, fruit trees and more vegetables. It will also serve as a training ground for parents and the community, thus generating potential job creation opportunities.

This expansion leads to us building a nursery and an organic market.

In addition to this, we are hoping to be building the very first in South Africa, House of Fantasy and Teddy Bear Museum, celebrating all things from the past and current, children’s fairytales, comics and cartoons as well as contemporary and antique and vintage teddy bears.

Extension 2
Extension 1