Heartlands Baby Sanctuary

Heartlands Baby Sanctuary’s primary goal is to afford every child in our care their “birthright to belong and
to be reunited with a loving family.

Heartlands Baby Sanctuary, based in Somerset West, Western Cape,
is a temporary residential safe care facility for 25 children at any given time.

Heartlands Baby Sanctuary was established on the 4th of May 2015 in response to the request of the
Western Cape Department of Social Development to offer residential care and support for at-risk children.
Heartlands is a registered Child and Youth Care Centre and a Community Mental Health Facility.

The centre provides holistic care for orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC) from birth to six years of age.
Children are placed “temporally” with a court order and after the Children’s Court proceedings are finalised,
they are either reunited with their parents or family members, placed in foster care, transferred to other long-term facilities or adopted.

We strive to develop the family bond by either visiting or being accommodated in the mother’s room.
We educate them on how to nurture and safely care for their children, once reunited back at home.

Our Mission

We provide a safe, loving and homely environment to young children in desperate need of care and protection. Our individualised services create a foundation to help promote healing and develop them into a happy, healthy and confident child.

Our Vision

“It`s every child`s birth right to belong”

Our Values


We have an emotional desire and attachment towards the children and our work.


We value diversity, knowledge, integrity and contribution.


We restore belief in the children and have confidence in each other.


We aspire to a better future for all.

Our Objectives

  • To offer holistic short-term and in some cases long-term residential care for 25 children at one given time from birth to six years of age 24/7. (24 hours 7 days a week)

  • Provide emergency place of safety.

  • We provide individualised specialised care to abandoned, abused, neglect, ill children and children with moderate intellectual disabilities.

  • To create a secure, caring environment in which the children learn confidence, trust, bond(attachment), and maintain relationships.

  • To provide individualised psychosocial services in strengthening the child`s ability to work through the challenges facing them in their life space through individual and group therapy, and to find and secure suitable placements for them.

  • To provide comprehensive related health care services to children to help them stay healthy and improve quality of life, which include age-appropriate immunizations, regular preventative care, malnutrition and professional medical treatment for acute illnesses.

  • To provide early childhood development programmes that develops children holistically and minimise developmental delays.

  • We are a Christian based organisation and our faith in Jesus is our motivation to follow His example in showing God’s unconditional love to our staff, the little children in our care and their families.

  • Accommodating mothers and potential foster parents while educating them on the child`s health, psychosocial and stimulation needs in order to strengthen their ability to meet the child’s needs”

  • To become more self-sustainable through our sustainability projects, which include the preloved shop, bookshop and the seeds of hope food garden (organic and hydroponic).