Heartlands Baby Sanctuary

Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

Children are referred to Heartlands Baby Sanctuary by hospitals, clinics, social workers and brought by SAPS for emergency placements after hours. Children are placed with a court order, in cooperation with social workers rendering services in the area that the child comes from. When a child is terminally ill, the parents may sign consent for admission.

Our first aim is to return children to their own families. If that is not possible, children can be placed in foster care or be adopted (if they are legally adoptable). Children are sometimes transferred to other children’s homes when no other option is viable.

The children are only placed in temporary safe care in Heartlands Baby Sanctuary for 3 months. Since it is not a long term placement, we do not use weekend and holiday parents for the children.

Yes we do receive funding from the government, but this only covers 25% of our expenses. Therefore additional funding is required through corporate and individual relationship building, fundraising events and international donor involvements.

Firstly, the most important thing to know is that with donations-in-kind and financial donations, these are all 100% TAX-DEDUCTIBLE given our S18a status. 
Companies/Individuals and Non-Governmental Organisations such as Heartlands Baby Sanctuary, develop win-win partnerships in which companies/individuals benefit as a result of their support, as per ways identified by the Heartlands team. The most immediate benefit to Heartlands would be financial — based on either a donation or sponsorship of a project.

Benefits to the Company/individual are numerous, depending on the type of donation: Project sponsorships are mentioned on social media, which would include the company’s/individual`s details. The inclusion of the company/individual name, logo and details of the donation on the Heartlands Website visited by national and international companies and individuals.

The company`s signage/individual`s name placed on acknowledgement wall inside as well as outside. Companies can also claim Broad Based Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) scorecard points for financial support to Heartlands project In terms of Section 18(a) of the South African Income Tax Act of 1962, financial donation to Heartlands is tax deductible.